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Working together to deliver value and benefit Cranfield Defence and Security Services Ltd (CDSSL) supports and expands the University’s defence and security relationships in new, agile, flexible and commercial directions. Our main business activities are consultancy, symposia, test and evaluation, and training.

Our facilities We can provide independent expertise, consultancy, research and prototyping directed by renowned academics and supported by experienced technical staff. • Cranfield Ordnance Test and Evaluation Centre (COTEC) COTEC is an independent testing, evaluation and research facility. The Centre is equipped to carry out a wide range of explosives and ballistic testing on the explosive formulations and Ordnance. COTEC also houses licensed explosive storage and processing facilities and has a fully equipped classroom where training sessions can be carried out prior to practical sessions on the range. • Cranfield Airport Cranfield’s global research airport offers a unique environment for transformational research into the aerospace sector. As one of the few universities in the world with our own airport, we are at the forefront of aerospace technology. Consultancy Drawing on our staff’s academic knowledge and expertise, we provide consultancy to governments and industry. We draw upon the depth and breadth of Cranfield’s world-class multidisciplinary research to provide answers to many of the challenges faced by organisations today. Symposia Building on the reputation of Symposia at Shrivenham, we provide a forum at our Cranfield location to government agencies, military and civilian, industry and research establishments for the exploration and exchange of experience and knowledge. This leads to constructive questioning and a synthesis of ideas in a relaxed but professional environment.

Whether you are an industry partner, a

professional body, national laboratory or government department, our aim is to build strength through partnerships and to share knowledge that is mutually beneficial. • Our culture: Experience a culture driven by diversity and innovation. • Our people: Providing specialist knowledge to underpin defence and security sector reform around the world. • Our history: Building on the legacy of Cranfield University’s over 70 years in aerospace, defence and security. • Our future: Providing an agile, flexible and exploitable front door to the academic university sector for defence and security professionals.

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Empowering the Defence and Security sector through world-class customised education Our partnership with you starts with a conversation. We then work with you to pinpoint the levers for change and work collaboratively to design a customised solution that directly addresses your organisation’s needs. Your people will get exclusive access to insights and ideas from thought leaders, both academics and practitioners across the defence and security sector. The fusion of our world renowned, industry respected thought leadership, organisation-specific content and partnership approach, make CDSSL customised programmes a unique learning experience.

What do we offer? We offer an in-company, customised version of an existing Defence and Security open programme, or a completely tailor-made programme, co-created with you to provide the solution to your unique challenges. Whatever fits best, our programmes aim to bring not only the organisational changes you require, but maximise the development of your people.

Extensive capability Cranfield has a diverse range of Defence and Security capability areas that meet the challenges and requirements of a changing and complex sector. The following listings illustrate the breadth of Cranfield capabilities and the courses that can be adapted for your organisation’s needs.

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Customised learning to suit your needs Our broad portfolio offers the maximum scope for personal development and, at the same time, balances your time and resource pressures. We can create courses to suit your business needs.

Our portfolio includes:

Defence Acquisition

Defence and Security Engineering

We are the UK’s leading centre of excellence for research and education across a range of defence acquisition- related subjects. Our areas of expertise include defence procurement, logistics, supply chain management and the through-life management of complex defence capabilities. Specialist topics: • Commercial Relationships in the Defence Environment, • Environmental Awareness and Compliance in Defence, • Financing Acquisition, • Financial and Military Capability Management Advanced, • International Dimensions of Defence Acquisition, • Logistics Modelling, • Managing Acquisition Change, • Strategic Management and Introduction to Acquisition. • Sustainability in Defence

Cranfield has capabilities in aeromechanical systems, dynamic response processes, impact and armour and vehicle systems. It creates and shares world leading academic knowledge with partners in the UK’s Ministry of Defence, wider government and industry through publications, teaching, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

Specialist topics: • Aeronautical Engineering - Fundamentals,

• Airworthiness of Military Aircraft, • Failure of Structural Materials, • Intelligent Systems,

• Military Aircraft Systems, • Military Vehicle Dynamics, • Military Vehicle Propulsion,

• Reliability and Systems Effectiveness, • Systems Approach to Engineering, • Uninhabited Aircraft Systems UAS Technology.


Electronic Warfare, Information and Cyber Tailored courses embrace a range of related topics and disciplines, from communications and information systems, radar, electro-optics, infrared sensors and sonar systems. They also focus on the serious existing and emerging cyber threats in the information domain and on supporting those personnel working on operations in cyberspace. Specialist topics: • Communication Principles, • Data Modelling Storage and Management, • Decision Analysis, • Defence Electro-Optics and Imaging Systems, • Electromagnetic Propagation Antennas and Devices, • Foundations of Information Systems, • Military Electronic Warfare, • Military Laser Safety, • Software Engineering (IS), • Statistical Analysis and Trials.

Forensic Science

Cranfield Forensic Institute (CFI) is the home to many forensic-related disciplines such as ballistics, explosives, materials science, engineering failures and forensic computing, and forensic archaeology and anthropology, making us one of the only universities in the world to accommodate these disciplines within a science and technology faculty. Specialist topics: • Approach to Failure Investigation and Analysis, • Courtroom Skills, • Fires, Explosions and their Investigation, • Forensic Ballistics Investigations, • Forensic Exploitation and Intelligence, • Forensic Investigation of Explosives and Explosive Devices, • Fundamentals of Forensic Anthropology: Osteology, • Hazardous Forensics, • Introduction to Firearms Investigations and Forensic Ballistics, • Investigation and Evidence Collection.

Cranfield’s capabilities embrace the specialist skills that now form an essential component of our defences against the many current and future threats we face from a variety of sources. They also include important professional disciplines, such as leadership, programme and project management, the application of which is fundamental to success in today’s military, security and business environments. Management, Leadership and Business Skills

Counterterrorism, Risk Management and Resilience

The resilience of individuals, communities and nations is being tested as never before. Cranfield’s resilience, counterterrorism and organised crime capability comprises world leading educational opportunities and cutting-edge research with access to specialist facilities and equipment. Specialist topics: • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Science, • Counter Improvised Explosive Device Capability Forensic Ballistics Investigations, • Fakes and Forgeries, • Firearms Investigations, • Mass Fatality Incidents, • Ordnance Munitions and Explosives Awareness, • Ordnance Munitions and Explosives Intermediate, • Weapon Systems Technology Introduction.

Specialist topics: • Applied Systems Thinking, • Capability Context, • Knowledge in Defence, • Managing Acquisition Change, • Organisation Development,

• Programme and Project Management, • Programme and Project Management for Information Systems, • Strategic Management in Defence,

• Supply Network Management in Defence and the Commercial Environment, • Trials Management.


Cranfield is able to offer a unique combination of technology, statistics and mathematics to answer critical and operational defence analysis issues and provide extensive capabilities for defence and security modelling, simulation, decision analysis and scientific computing. Simulation, Experimentation and Analysis • Discrete and Continuous Simulation, • Experimentation, Analysis and Trials for Simulation, • Intelligent Systems, • Military Operational Analysis Appreciation, • Networked and Distributed Simulation, • Simulation Employment Training, • Statistical Analysis and Trials, • War Gaming and Combat Modelling. Specialist topics: • Computer Graphics, • Decision Analysis,

Weapon Systems and Energetics

We combine world-recognised expertise in weapons engineering and technology across a range of applications from dismounted close combat, air defence weapons and naval weapons systems through to armoured vehicle systems. The weapons engineering capability covers warheads, explosives, fusing, guidance, mounting, control, and delivery systems from rockets through to gun systems. Specialist topics: • Ballistic and Cruise Missile Technology: Introduction, • Ballistics, • Explosives and the Environment, • Fundamentals of Ballistics*, • Guided Weapons, • Guided Weapons Applications Propulsion and Aerodynamics, • Guided Weapons Propulsion and Aerodynamics Theory, • Guided Weapons Structures Aeroelasticity and Power Supplies, • Guided Weapons Warheads Explosives and Materials, • Light Weapon Design, • Manufacture and Material Properties of Explosives, • Rocket Motors and Propellants.

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Cranfield University at Shrivenham Cranfield University at Shrivenham is located at the Defence Academy, which is a secure Ministry of Defence (MOD) site. It is situated in beautiful countryside near Swindon, with quick and convenient links to London and major UK airports. Cranfield Campus Located just over an hour from London in the English countryside, Cranfield’s campus environment supports close, working relationships between our multinational postgraduate students and academic and industry experts. Cranfield Ordnance Test and Evaluation Centre (COTEC) COTEC is situated on the edge of Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. Delegates will have the opportunity to use the facilities at COTEC to undertake exercises, evaluations and independents tests at this safe and expert site where relevant to the programme they are undertaking.

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Every effort is made to ensure that the information in this brochure is correct at the time it is printed. Please check our website for the latest information.

Important information about security clearance for courses that are held in full or part at Shrivenham Some Cranfield University courses are delivered at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham which is a Ministry of Defence (MOD) site. All applicants to courses that are wholly or partially delivered at Shrivenham must complete the BPSS (HMG Baseline Personnel Security Standard V4 April 2014) prior to registration on the course or must already hold a security clearance to this level or higher. It will take additional time to process your BPSS clearance application and you will not be able to do this course if you fail to obtain this. Please refer to the course page on the website for full details.

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