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Developing Leadership Practice Improve your personal leadership to create and inspire high-performing teams

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“I found the course eye opening and uplifting. To meet other people and managers having the same kind of problems made me feel more confident, and I feel I can use my new skills effectively in my organisation.” Kris Smyth Production Team Leader, Ethos Energy Group

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Achieve a higher level of leadership performance

Equip yourself with the latest tools and techniques that will enable you to tackle your real-world challenges by developing a new approach that builds on your personal strengths. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and more confident about tackling your challenges. The programme will help you to: • Empower and influence your people to achieve organisational and team goals, • Look at your performance as a leader through a new lens that allows current capabilities to be reviewed and renewed, • Raise organisational performance through effective leadership of individuals and teams, • Lead yourself, your team and your organisation, as well as knowing what to try, who with, and what will have the biggest impact, • Develop new productive habits and a talent for leading people, • Raise employee engagement and staff retention levels through effective leadership, • Develop new leadership practices that help your leadership career progression.

Who should attend Middle-managers who: • Are increasingly taking on greater leadership responsibilities within their career or organisation, • Need to enhance their leadership impact and capabilities to take the next step in their career, • Are looking to refine their leadership approach to maximise performance across their team and create a positive performance culture, • Are ambitious and want to become exceptional leaders.

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What to expect from Developing Leadership Practice You will acquire a broader grasp of how to lead yourself, others and your organisation. Exploring the real dilemmas faced by leaders in a variety of creative and engaging ways will help you tackle your own challenges by embedding new leadership practices. Discover your own personal leadership style to better interpret your context and how best to lead within it. Experience greater confidence to implement new ways to revitalise team members and inspire employee engagement by developing a fresh way of viewing performance as a leader. Develop the ability to perform and lead in a constantly pressurised environment. By the end of the programme, you will have a leadership practice that will prepare you for your next leadership transition and the rest of your career.

Unique and practical programme features

Built on 25 years of continuous development, this programme has helped underpin Cranfield’s approach in developing world class leaders. Our unique learning technique is behind Cranfield’s global top ten Financial Times ranking position, as well as informing our EFMD award-winning programmes. A unique cohort ‘ethos’ which encourages vital peer-to-peer learning and co-coaching.

A unique blended learning approach combines experientially focused classroom sessions, facilitated exploration of individual ‘live issues’ and a unique ‘performance wave’, with webinars, online group coaching, and a library of webcasts to create a carefully constructed ‘networked learning’ executive development environment.

A highly practical programme that allows you to rehearse your situation by surfing the performance wave for more clarity on who to speak to and how to connect with them, based upon Gestalt psychology. Cranfi eld renowned faculty – drawing on their research, thought leadership and global perspective on key issues to equip you with powerful insights.

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“It gives you a chance to take a step back, really look at yourself a little bit harder and the impact you have on other people in the workplace. Some of your frustrations, other delegates have experienced the same and they give you other ideas of how you might tackle them differently. It’s about thinking outside the box, thinking laterally and it sends you away with a real sense of purpose and motivation to implement it.” Ellen Thurman-Carvey, Sales Director, Barcham Trees Plc

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Course structure

Pre-course module

Module one

Discovery and insights - immersion (three-day residential) This module involves immersion into the fundamentals of leading self and others and the leadership practices used to ensure peak performance outcomes. You’ll explore the following topics: • Personal insights,

Foundations and welcome webinar (online) This module includes orientation of the programme, introductions and content consumption. You will undertake a psychometric assessment to analyse your inclusion, control and affection attributes as well as undertake e-learning sessions including Neuroscience for leaders, motivation and psychological capital alongside a welcome webinar with peers and faculty members.

• Creating connection, • Building relationships,

• Motivating for commitment, • Coaching for performance, • Feedback skills, • Live issue ‘me@work’.

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Module two

Application at work, e-learning coaching webinar (two months) The application module involves using the techniques learned from module one back in your organisation to enrich your understanding of how these work in practice. During this period, you’ll have e-learning interactions and webinars with Cranfield and your peers, including: • Coaching webinar on progress, • Self-paced online learning: • Team and trust, • Influencing for performance, • Influencing upwards, • Power platforms. • Cultural webinar: • Cultural audit, • Sharing the highs and lows, • Exploring differences. • Leadership practice journal.

Discovery and insights - review (two-day residential) Building on the two previous modules, this two-day session adds practical understanding of how to influence cultural drivers and achieve even greater organisational performance.

You’ll explore the following topics: • Check-in and emergent issues, • Building a performance culture, • Personal values at work, • Influencing upwards and across, • Boundaries, • Power and politics, • Having difficult conversations, • Planning your leadership practice.

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Programme details

Spread over an 11 week period, the programme explores three leadership practices in your context using a blended learning approach, to enable you to become the best leader you can be. These three leadership practices are:

Leading self

Leading others

• Developing skills and abilities to perform in a constantly pressurised environment, • Navigating the transition from manager to leader, • Understanding oneself and how to become a performance role model. • Creating a great place to work, • Building a performance culture, • Influe ncing upwards and handling organisational politics. Leading organisations

• Motivating without financial reward - the power of engagement, • Developing high performance teams, • Coaching diverse individuals and helping them to grow.

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Programme directors

Jacquie Drake Dr Jacquie Drake is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management where, until the close of the 2007 academic year, she was Executive Director of The Praxis Centre and also co-founder. She has been a faculty member at Cranfield for 25 years in the field of Organisational Behaviour. Before moving into management education, Jacquie’s work experience was in marketing and information services. She has degrees in Economic History (BA), Business (MBA) and Management Development (PhD). During her time at The Praxis Centre, Jacquie delivered innovative and pioneering work in management development, introducing psychotherapeutic practices and arts-based management development into the business world. Whilst she holds the full repertoire of Organisational Behaviour, her areas of special interest are communication, leadership, team building and managing change. Jacquie has over twenty years of experience working internationally, delivering management development courses and workshops, facilitating senior-level off-site strategy meetings and team-builds, and undertaking individual mentoring and coaching at director level. She has worked with a wide range of organisations and individuals in the business world, including L’Oréal, Sport England, HSBC, Swissport, London Ambulance Service, and the BBC. Kate Lowry Kate is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management specialising in leadership development and unlocking individual potential. She has over 23 years experience working in organisations as an organisational development practitioner covering three main sectors: retail, IT and financial services. She has worked as a designer and implementer of key cultural interventions, change, leadership and management development programmes. She has run teams and implemented projects both in Europe and in the US. Whilst working for Digital Equipment Company Kate designed and delivered a women’s development programme for individuals identified as having high potential. An experienced coach and facilitator of group and team development, Kate is known for the creativity and pragmatism she brings to the work she is involved in. Her current client base includes professional services, engineering, pharmaceuticals, as well as a range of public sector organisations. Kate’s current work focus is on developing leadership potential, relationship building and how to maximise presence and impact.

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